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Terms of use and other conditions

Detailed clients’ terms of use

Be aware, your use of the website defined below is subject to compliance with rules and conditions provided here. If you do not agree or admit any part of the following terms and conditions, please leave this website and do not use it further.

Only full-age users are certified to access this web resource and use its services. If you want to use the website, you need to state and confirm that you have reached the legal age and are therefore lawful to buy any of the services/products provided on this website or delivered to you by Get-Homeworks.com in some other way.

The terms of use and conditions, provided on this page, intend to form the entire contract between you, the client (customer), and the Company, Get-Homeworks.com.  If you make an order and /or conduct the payment, then you admit that you have carefully read all these terms of use and conditions and that you agree to accomplish all responsibilities and rights that drift from the terms/conditions provided here.

Website” stands for Get-Homeworks.com

You”/“Yours”/ “Client”/”Customer” stands for you or some other person who place on the order or conduct a payment on your behalf.

We”/“Our”/“Company” stands for Get-Homeworks.com, its holders and staff.

“Product” stands for any of the subsequent products provided by Our Company: papers, custom essays, researchers, and any other written classes of materials, which are available for a Client in line with his/her order through this website.

“Order” stands for an accomplished standard electronic form, which is submitted online to the Get-Homeworks.com website by the client or a person acting on their behalf by means of the checkout system.


–          We strongly recommend our students/clients to use the materials/tutorials they receive as study guides and reference materials, not the least bit we advise using mentioned products as material for cheating.

–          Before the downloading of the files you need firstly pay the fee and then log into your account. The direct download of materials is a matter to the prior payment.

–          Please do not try to submit the materials you get here as your own work, it is strictly forbidden by educational policies and may result in your F grade at the University.

–          No refund is available in order to our terms and conditions. Be aware, your purchase is final, so please read the terms and description carefully before you make an order here and purchase any tutorial or part of other materials.

–        We provide you with a final exam study guide only as a kind of reference materials to help in your preparations. For no reason, they are intended for direct submitting as your own papers. Be sure, cheating may cause a University action.


Our clients must be aware that the materials on sale are non-refundable, and no refunds are provided, explicit or implicit. After the order is accomplished and provided to you, the company provides no refunds, except it was specially assigned in these terms of use. Our Company provides materials for educational, entertaining and reference purposes, and incompleteness, mistakenness and other losses of the materials are not the reason for any refunds. So please, before using any of our services, ensure that you understand this part of our terms and conditions.


All sales of digital products downloadable upon confirmation of purchase are final. Due to the nature of our products (intangible digital goods), no returns, exchanges, or refunds will be provided any under circumstance unless Get-Homeworks.com chooses to do so. Get-Homeworks.com does not accept order cancellations once payment has been received and accepted. However, we want you to be 100% satisfied and happy with your purchase. If you are having any issue with the file, or have any questions, please contact our support team, we will do our best to resolve the problem.


We fully understand the importance of our work and the materials we perform and provide our customers with are the highest quality only (sample essays, papers, study guides etc.). In addition, we provide the materials at good and very reasonable price.  You get the access to the prepaid resources immediately. We do not provide any refunds for our materials as we are sure that you will be very satisfied with our services. If you consider the downloaded material are not corresponded to the material you were shown while purchasing, then this material will be reviewed for free. If we make no improvement to the material (rewrite or replace it), then you will get a discount code for your next purchase on our web site.


By incoming this agreement the client (customer) agrees to start no disputes over payments through PayPal or Client’s card supplying company before trying to contact the support team. Be aware, any try to return the funds using false report on not getting the purchased goods is measured as a crime of digital theft.  Our system gathers the information you provide us with (address, email, etc.) in order to our privacy policy, in addition to information about your computer IP (Internet Protocol that indicates the location of a user). If a suit against us is filed, we will provide this information to PayPal or Client’s card issuing company. All clients (customers) who try to commit this kind of digital theft will be persecuted under corresponding law.


We care about our clients’ security and safety. If you want to know more, please refer to the page of our Privacy Statement where our guidelines and principles for usage, gathering and storing of users’ information are described. In addition, you can read the information about security of your card number and personal information on the Privacy Policy page.


Our website, Get-Homeworks.com, may also be linked to a variety of third party websites, in the same time we do not promote, specifically encourage or support this linking process. Our Company, Get-Homeworks.com, does not own and are not in charge of the content, which may be are available on third party websites linked hereto. Be aware, you follow the links to other websites at your own responsibility.


Our company, Get-Homeworks.com, make it clear that we provide no guarantees, explicit or implicit, based on law or any other ground, concerning possible merchantability or appropriateness of the materials for any purpose a client may wish to use it for, or any non-infringement guarantee. We also do not offer warranties following from trading, commerce and other kinds of mutual transactions.  Moreover, we cannot guarantee the fully error-free operation of our service or website, and we cannot be considered responsible for any faults/failures occurring in this. It is fully on your responsibility to assess the content of the information you achieve from the website that is why, please ask for the assistance of an expert concerning the content and suitability charge.


By entering into this agreement and using the website you give your permission that these Terms of use and other conditions can be modified by the company on one-sided basis, thus please review this section occasionally, as these modifications shall be published immediately.


In case, you are a copyright owner or his/her official representative and you are certain that some kind of the content on our website invades your rights, you have an opportunity to apply to our company according to DMCA. Be aware, you will be asked to provide the Exam Tutorial/Study Guide in question alongside the following information in written form or over email (please read 17 U.S.C. Section 512(c)(3) or consult your legal advisor to check these requirements): support@get-homeworks.com or fill in the online form at https://Get-Homeworks.com/dcma/.

  1. We require electronic or handwritten signature of a person on behalf of the copyright owner whose rights were purportedly penetrated.
  2. Careful  proof of identity of the work under copyright that  is supposed to be invaded, or if there is a full list of several works on the website falling under one notification of a breach, please provide this list.
  3. Please correctly identify the material subject to the breach claim that mean to be removed or access to which must be denied. Please provide a direct link to every material subject to the breach claim. We have no chance to carry on non-specific applications insecurely based on keywords search, search engine results, titles or sheer alikeness to other materials.
  4. Private contact information necessary for fast and dependable contacting the complaining party, as well as phone number, e-mailing address and electronic address through which the complaining party can contact.
  5. An announcement in good faith made by the copyright owner/authorized representative that the use of copyright material was not by any means authorized for the use in question.
  6. An announcement that the delivered information is true and complete, and that the authorized representative is permitted to represent the copyright holder whose rights were supposedly trespassed. The false claims/evidence will be mistreated as a falsehood.

You need to remember that in relation to Section 512(f) of the DMCA any purposeful misrepresentation of materials as that invading copyright leads to responsibility and persecution of a person performing this misrepresentation.

All mentioned Terms of Use and other conditions were last reviewed and modified on January 15, 2016.