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Here will be outlined the principles of protecting your private information.

Parties subject to the Privacy Policy

The website privacy policy have the next main purposes: to protect everyone who happens to interact with the website, who visit the website, paid and unpaid news subscribers,   members and partners, and all website’s clients.  As visitors here presented those who visit and browse over the website whether purposely or accidentally, asked or by own will, and they all are subject to the Privacy Policy terms. Subscribers are those who get newsletters by email, and they are subject to the Privacy Policy terms, too. Members are those who are participant of the organization or who work together with it on commercial basis, and they are protected by the Privacy Policy, too. Clients are those who order some services or try to order or receive the prepared order (advertised or stored on this website) even if at no cost, and they are subject to the Privacy Policy terms not only by default, but also by the official Purchase Agreement conditions. In this presented document, a website, its holders, workers, employees and authorized agents are in a group called “Website”, or “Site” and / or “Seller.”

Parties banned from the Website usage are so far subject to the Policy

In case some  person was banned from the website for the breach of Terms of service  or for any other reason, so far this person continues to view/browse  this site unlawfully,  at that point this person is still  subject to the Privacy Policy even though in status of a Terms of service  violator.

Be aware you by default agree to the website privacy policy if you use the web site, browse, view or communicate through this website system.

Settlement to meet the terms of our Privacy Policy makes a basic part of your decision to use the web site. If you do not agree to this policy, then do not use the web site and leave it immediately.

We collect some information about users: how do we use it?

The website automatically collects information about visitors / members / subscribers / clients. It is regularly done  through the following:

Data collecting over “Registration” form

Registration is a process that requires providing some personal information by our visitors / members / subscribers / clients usually provide. It can be provided through web pages or automatic windows, where anyone can subscribe for emails or newsletters; it also may occur through survey participation or by applying for some additional information, sent to you from the website; it may happen through affiliation program, or it may result from direct product purchasing.

Visitor’s email collection

Visitors often can conjoin with the website through email. To interact with the website, they provide their emails and permit the website to contact them through emails. Through providing the email, visitors agree to the Terms of service, Purchase Agreement and accept the Privacy Policy. All delivered emails are registered in the internal website database.

Emails / references created by customers

If you are a client (customer) and conduct some kind of communication with website whether over email or through telephone, the website keeps this information and you automatically allow the website to collect, keep, work on or use this information, as it may be appropriate. Suitable communications can be posted for advertising purposes as testimonials.

Information collected through banners, automatic windows and on-site ads

In the case some visitors to the site choose the automatic window or presented hyperlink, they should accept that information is collected from them. Our site will not be legally responsible for the information collected by this means.

Consequently, visitors should know that:

a) the information surely will be collected;

b) “cookies” will be kept on the hard drive of their PC;

c) we do not control what may happen in that way; d) we are not responsible for the content of the ads;

e) our website shall not bear responsibility for potential downloading of viruses or worms from this kind of ads;

f) we are not responsible for data collected by advertisers.

Bring up emails/URLs as data sources 

In case you want to refer an email or URL from this site to some of your friend, then you need to know that some data about your IP, email or also your friend’s email will be kept on our website. In addition, the email may look as outgoing from your mail, so please do not complain of damage infliction or breach of privacy that may accidentally occur.

Information collected through surveys

Visitors / members / subscribers / clients while taking a part in surveys should totally realize that any information shared in that survey can be used for outer purposes. That kind of information may be disclosed to associates, affiliates, advertising entity or engaged by the site itself for further service improvement.

Information collected through “cookies” and electronic communications

The biggest part of websites, our site also, automatically collect information about your computer system and keep your email and your IP. You need to remember that your entire online activity is always studied and kept by search engines. As you know, this information is not private or sensitive; still it helps a lot to create the map of your online activity and browsing behaviors even in case you were entering the website anonymously.

“Cookies” are small files of computer code, which usually websites  place on your hard drive to improve the interaction between user and website. It helps to keep up the link to that site, also keeping you logged in the system and finding your search preferences while protecting your site or products usage. In general, cookies are harmless and quite useful. In the same time, cookies may collect and send to the third parties information about your PC and your browser’s history.

Therefore, cookies collect information about you, whether anonymous or private. Be aware; by using this website, you automatically agree that cookies may collect information from you in order to improve your browsing experience. In addition, you also agree the collected information to be processed, kept and used for improving our products/services by our company or our partners, affiliates, or P.R. entities.

Information Usage

All the ways in which collected information may be used are described below. Typically, the information is engaged in a very limited and traditional manner. In addition, this information may be used in a number of different ways and shared with different entities for commercial use. You should know that while interacting with this website you consequently agreeing to this privacy policy.  The information about your address, phone, and email as same as other data such as browsing preferences may be potentially shared. This information may be used for intentional needs of this site, sold to, or shared with third parties.

Data that we never share

Financial information such as credit cards data is not delivered to the websites directly, still in case it is provided, it is kept securely and never disclosed to anyone not including law enforcement bodies or financial processing companies. Be aware, by providing the information you allow to use it in legal process or financial investigations.

Information shared in forums, chats and boards

Information provided / shared in chat rooms, forums, boards, etc. by visitors / members / subscribers / clients is available on the website on their own risk. You must not expect the website to control the activities or protect your information shared through these services.

Spamming activities

By providing your email address for communication with the website, you deliver your right to complain about unwanted spam incoming from this website or other related commercial organizations. This is the result of your willing providing your contact information and agreeing to get the newsletters, etc. Still, every newsletter or notification you receive contain the “unsubscribe” link you can use to deactivate the letters. Using it, your name will be immediately deleted from the website email database.

Information Protection

In order to protect the information we collect from you, we do everything we can to keep it safe and protected. However, you should understand that by using this website you agree not to voice any claims in our address for any potential loss or break of information security. It may occur through the activities of hackers or web cheats, and such information leak may cause you trouble or harm. Therefore, you agree not to hold the website responsible in case the previously mentioned situation occurs.

Modifications to these Privacy Policies made individually

In order to adapt to the changes that occur in the cyber space the Privacy Policy is regularly changed, too. Please do not think that it stay the same, and check it for the modifications each and every time you visit the website. Our Company is not obliged to send you email notifications about every change in these Privacy Policies, so please check it occasionally. You will get a notification email only if the Policies are changed almost completely. As you continue to use the website, you, therefore, accept these Privacy Policies and any changes introduced.

Recent updates

The last update of the Privacy Policies happened on the first of March 2014.