I did not find needed item. How can I order it?


Please, contact us for any extra tutorials and courses which are not available on our website and we’ll provide it to you in short.


How many times I could download purchased item?


You may download each item for 3 times. If you want to download it for the 4 time you should purchase it once more and a new link will be generated from which you could download files 3 times more.


Where purchase items will be delivered?


We’ll send you an email in timeframe of 10-20 minutes that will include a link for item download.


What are the payment options?


We receive all payments via PayPal and you could use any Credit or Debit card using PayPal.


How to make a purchase?


Firstly, choose the item you want to purchase using the search or browse the list of categories. Then press Add to Cart button and you’ll be redirected to cart. Then continue the checkout and type your billing information and proceed the payment to PayPal. Please, note that you may pay with any card using PayPal.
After your payment will be cleared you’ll receive an email on you email with order details an link for download of purchased items.